It is always amazing to me how resilient people and animals can be. Trixie is a shining example, thanks to the help of many strangers who cared and gave their time and skills freely to save her.

Tripod Trixie: She thinks she’s found a lizard to chase! Oh, she’s ever so optimistic!!

Trixie was found in December 2020 some days after being run over by a car. A kind lady found her on the side of the road and refused to ignore her plight. She gently picked up the mangled wreck that was Trixie and carried her to her car. Carefully she drove her to Julie, a young rescue vet, who had only recently completed her veterinary degree. Julie was already a veteran in running an animal rescue shelter from her family home, often having as many as 30 dogs, never mind all the other animals!

Unfortunately for Trixie, December is hot and humid in Paraguay, so infection had set in and the amputation of her front right leg was needed among other procedures.

Trixie then and now: Today she’s a couch potato but needs some supports to enjoy her role as Queen of the Pack!

In Paraguay there are no government shelters for cats, dogs and other animals – just amazing people who open up their homes and share what they have. Often they have very little themselves. I know our rescue vet Julie fairly well now, four of my doggo’s and my one-eyed cat are part of my family because of her valiant rescue efforts. More on those fur babies later!!

My family and I are so impressed with her dedication to the rescue, adoption and sterilizing of dogs and cats. We’re proud that we can donation a little each and every month to her mission – in one year alone, she sterilized more than 500 animals that had been abandoned or were from very poor homes unable to afford a vet.

I Love Our Local Community Spirit: Although poor, this lady has opened her home to abandoned cats and dogs. These cats are among the 25+ waking up after being sterilized by mobile rescue vet Julie! Only through her unpaid time and effort and our community donations can this happen.

Angels At Work: Mobile rescue vet Julie with friends from her Veterinary University sterilizing dogs at another home rescue center. These ladies travelled more than fours hours from the city and gave two days to help more than 20 dogs in this family rescue center!

If you’re on facebook you can find out more about rescue vet Julie’s outreach work for all kinds of animals in distress: