The many strangers that came together to help Trixie had no idea what the future held for her. Their primary goal was to save her and give her the best chance possible at living a happy, healthy normal life.

18 months later, I stumbled onto Trixie living with our local vet who also runs a rescue shelter for 30+ dogs and other animals from her family home. And their hopes for Trixie were realized.

Trixie then and now: She was found in December 2020 some days after being run over by a car. December is hot and humid in Paraguay, so infection had set in and the amputation of her front right leg was needed. Today she’s a couch potato but needs some supports to enjoy her role as Queen of the Pack!

In early 2022 I had decided that the time was right to adopt an “outdoor doggo gang”. Our home is small and inside we’re jam packed with 6 rescue cats and an older rescue dog. The cats have several ‘catios’ to enjoy day and night but because over crowding animals can lead to aggression, it had to be an “outdoor” gang….

Yeah right!!! My mind started thinking and dreaming 24/7 of ways I could make them an indoor gang!

Unsure, nervous and exhausted: Her first few hours with me. She not only got a new name but a new home. Trixie has 3 companions Toby, Max and Amber. All came from the same rescue shelter.

The first thing I did was try to figure out how to keep them warm. We have a large lovely back verandah but in winter we’re exposed to very cold winds and storms do bring horizontal rain. Suddenly a huge hole was cut in the door to the outside laundry making a “doggy door” and fence posts moved to make the laundry part of the back yard. A heat mat and baby mattress were placed inside the laundry and all looked snug.

A Fur Blanket: Having a cup of tea with the new doggo pack on a chilly morning in June 2022. I’m under there somewhere – look for the striped PJ’s!

Then, with the generous help of my parents, the “sun lounge” came into being! A verandah that was rarely used was enclosed. Now the outdoor doggo’s have their own bedroom and a lounge with a view in what’s become the new family room.

Trixie’s most favorite spot in the world is her sofa. Each morning when I enter the sun lounge after they’ve enjoyed a lovely night sleeping in their special lounge she sings her good morning song with vigor and joy.

The Fur Blanket Moved Indoors: Having a cup of tea on a chilly morning early spring 2022 with the doggo’s now inside. A verandah space we rarely used is now the second heart of the home (after the kitchen of course!) And the fur blanket has proven to be portable and reliable!!

All because a few strangers came together and, despite her terrible injuries, did not give up on her. Can I give Trixie everything she needs and is recommended by experts? No.

We’re all limited by our situations and resources. I accept I do not have the money or expertise to provide “perfect” care for Trixie. My goal is the same as the strangers who came together:

To give her the best chance possible at living a happy, healthy normal life.

Tripawds: I was able to ask so many questions and even receive free advice from a specialist vet.

One of the first things I did when Trixie came home was start looking for information about tripod dogs on the internet. I’ll always be grateful to the folks who run Tripawds. It’s a free community forum that gave me a huge confidence boost, access to some awesome specialists and also a voice to express my concerns among friends: